Main Health Care (Specialized centre)

DanDan Family Practice & Walk In

3400 Danforth Ave, Unit 6, Toronto, ON, M4C 4X5
Tel: (416) 693 3030 / Fax: (416) 693 3033

Family Physician:

Dr. ASM Noorullah Tarun, MD, CCFP

Hours of operation:


Monday    1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thursday  1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday      9:00 am - 12:30 pm 


Please call ahead at the telephone number below for specific hours on a particular day to ensure you will be seen on your visit.


To book a video or telephone appointment by your own (if you're a patient of Dr. Tarun)

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Disclaimer: subject to availability of participating physicians

Specialist Centre:

Our Specialists: 

(Allergy / Immunology): Dr. N. Jindal


Dr. A. Arrazaghi

Dr. Heslop

Dr. Kumar

(Endocrinologist): Dr. R. Gurfinkel

(Affiliated : St. Joseph Hospital)

(ENT): Dr. N. Chauhan

(Affiliated : Markham Stouffville, Southlake & York Central)

(Gastroenterology): Dr. N. Sarin

(Affiliated : North York General Hospital)

(Internal Medicine): Dr. Shubarna Amin

(Affiliated : Scarborough Health Network)

(Nephrology): Dr. M. Dhruve

(Affiliated : Michael Garron Hospital)

(Neurology): Dr. Sharmi Shafi

(Affiliated : Scarborough Health Network)

(Obstetrician / Gynecologist): Dr. M. Kroach

(Affiliated : Michael Garron Hospital)

(Optometry): Dr. A. Arefin

(Orthopedic Surgery): Dr. M. Khudabandehloo

(Urology): Dr. N. Logarakis

(Affiliated : Scarborough General Hospital)


Our team at Main:

Dr. N. Jindal
Dr. M. Dhruve


Affiliated: Michael Garron Hospital
Dr. A. Arrazaghi
Dr. Heslop
Dr. Kumar
Dr. N. Chauhan

Affiliated : Markham Stouffville, Southlake & York Central
Tuesdays (11-3)
Regular Clinic Sept-10
ClosedAug27 & Sept3

Dr. R. Gurfinkel


Affiliated: St. Joseph Hospital
Dr. N. Sarin


Affiliated: North York General Hospital
Dr. M. Khudabandehloo

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. M. Kroach

Obstetrician / Gynecologist

Affiliated: Michael Garron Hospital
Dr. A. Arefin

Dr. N. Logarakis


Affiliated: Scarborough General Hospital


  • Family Physicians

    • Independant​

    • Supervised (We provide supervision for restricted Licence by CPSO & help with LMIA process

  • Specialists

    • Pediatrician

    • General Surgeon

    • Psychiatrist

    • Others

  • Physician Assistants-CCPA
  • IMGs 
  • MOAs (Medical Office Admin.)

Please contact:

Human Resource at

We are also running 

TeleMedicine Clinics

CHN Virtual (Online) Doctors are available after-hours at our following locations: 


TeleMedicine clinics :

Dawes Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166901042)

Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (6475327572)

Beaches Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166980999)

Victoria Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4167215387)

We are expanding to other places soon