Main Health Care (Specialized centre)

DanDan Family Practice & Walk In

3400 Danforth Ave, Unit 6, Toronto, ON, M4C 4X5
Tel: (416) 693 3030 / Fax: (416) 693 3033

Family Physician:

Dr. ASM Noorullah Tarun, MD, CCFP

Hours of operation:


Monday    1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thursday  1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday      9:00 am - 12:30 pm 

Dr. Kamrun Naher Khan, MD, CCFP

will be joining us from October 2020


Hours of operation may changes depending on physician's availability. Please call ahead at the telephone number above for specific hours on a particular day to ensure you will be seen on your visit.


To book a video or telephone appointment by your own (if you're a patient of Dr. Tarun)

Click  here

Disclaimer: subject to availability of participating physicians

Specialist Centre:

Our Specialists: 

(Allergy / Immunology): Dr. N. Jindal


Dr. A. Arrazaghi

Dr. Heslop

Dr. Kumar

(Endocrinologist): Dr. R. Gurfinkel

(Affiliated : St. Joseph Hospital)

(ENT): Dr. N. Chauhan

(Affiliated : Markham Stouffville, Southlake & York Central)

(Gastroenterology): Dr. N. Sarin

(Affiliated : North York General Hospital)

(Internal Medicine): Dr. Shubarna Amin

(Affiliated : Scarborough Health Network)

(Nephrology): Dr. M. Dhruve

(Affiliated : Michael Garron Hospital)

(Neurology): Dr. Sharmi Shafi

(Affiliated : Scarborough Health Network)

(Obstetrician / Gynecologist): Dr. M. Kroach

(Affiliated : Michael Garron Hospital)

(Optometry): Dr. A. Arefin

(Orthopedic Surgery): Dr. M. Khudabandehloo

(Urology): Dr. N. Logarakis

(Affiliated : Scarborough General Hospital)


Our team at Main:

Dr. N. Jindal
Dr. M. Dhruve


Affiliated: Michael Garron Hospital
Dr. A. Arrazaghi
Dr. Heslop
Dr. Kumar
Dr. N. Chauhan

Affiliated : Markham Stouffville, Southlake & York Central
Tuesdays (11-3)
Regular Clinic Sept-10
ClosedAug27 & Sept3

Dr. R. Gurfinkel


Affiliated: St. Joseph Hospital
Dr. N. Sarin


Affiliated: North York General Hospital
Dr. M. Khudabandehloo

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. M. Kroach

Obstetrician / Gynecologist

Affiliated: Michael Garron Hospital
Dr. A. Arefin

Dr. N. Logarakis


Affiliated: Scarborough General Hospital


  • Family Physicians

    • Independant​

    • Supervised (We provide supervision for restricted Licence by CPSO & help with LMIA process

  • Specialists

    • Pediatrician

    • General Surgeon

    • Psychiatrist

    • Others

  • Physician Assistants-CCPA
  • IMGs 
  • MOAs (Medical Office Admin.)

Please contact:

Human Resource at


We are very happy to welcome

Dr. Kamrun Naher Khan MD, CCFP

Family Physician, to our Team

We are also running 

TeleMedicine Clinics

CHN Virtual (Online) Doctors are available after-hours at our following locations: 


TeleMedicine clinics :

Dawes Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166901042)

Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (6475327572)

Beaches Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166980999)

Victoria Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4167215387)

We are expanding to other places soon