The following doctors are accepting new patients at the locations listed below:

DanVic Family Practice & Walk-In

3102 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

​Dr. Mubash-Shera Khanam (Walk-in & Family Physician)

Tel: (416) 698 7513

Victoria Family Practice & Walk-In

1184 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto

​Dr. Faryal Ashraf (Walk-in &

Family Physician)

Tel: (416) 751 8733

O'Connor Family Practice & Walk-In

941 O'Connor Drive, Toronto

​Dr. A. Christodoulou (Walk-in &

Family Physician)

Tel: (416) 755 8281

Markington FamilyCare & Walk-In

3227 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto

​Dr. Laila Afroz (Walk-in & Family


​Dr. Faryal Ashraf (Walk-in &

Family Physician)

​Dr. ASM Noorullah Tarun (Walk-in)

Tel: (416) 261 4446

Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-In

3891 Don Mills Road, Toronto

​Dr. Aram Zakkerzadeh (Walk-in & Family


Tel: (647) 532 7572

DanDan Family Practice & Walk-In

3400 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

​Dr. ASM Noorullah Tarun (Walk-in)

Tel: (416) 693 3030

CHN is Seeking:

  • Family physicians

    • New family physicians who want join in a well established network of nine medical clinics

    • Family physicians who want to relocate their practice  into a well established network of nine medical clinics

    • Part time and full time general practitioners who want to do extra walk-in shifts in a busy clinic

  • Specialist

    • Pediatrician​

    • General Surgeon

    • OBGYN - preferably female

    • Psychiatrist

  • Physician assistant - certified CCPA

  • IMG's as Physician Assistants

  • MOAs/Receptionist

CHN's family physicians work in an established FHG (Family Health Group)

CHN uses cloud based OSCAR EMR supported by Kai Innovation/Well EMR 

For additional information and to apply please contact us at:


  • Family Physicians

    • Independant​

    • Supervised (We provide supervision for restricted Licence by CPSO & help with LMIA process

  • Specialists

    • Pediatrician

    • General Surgeon

    • Psychiatrist

    • Others

  • Physician Assistants-CCPA
  • IMGs 
  • MOAs (Medical Office Admin.)

Please contact:

Human Resource at

We are also running 

TeleMedicine Clinics

CHN Virtual (Online) Doctors are available after-hours at our following locations: 


TeleMedicine clinics :

Dawes Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166901042)

Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (6475327572)

Beaches Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166980999)

Victoria Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4167215387)

We are expanding to other places soon