The following doctors are accepting new patients at the locations listed below:

DanVic Family Practice & Walk-In

3102 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

​Dr. Mubash-Shera Khanam (Walk-in & Family Physician)

Tel: (416) 698 7513

Victoria Family Practice & Walk-In

1184 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto

​Dr. Faryal Ashraf (Walk-in &

Family Physician)

Tel: (416) 751 8733

O'Connor Family Practice & Walk-In

941 O'Connor Drive, Toronto

​Dr. A. Christodoulou (Walk-in &

Family Physician)

Tel: (416) 755 8281

Markington FamilyCare & Walk-In

3227 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto

​Dr. Laila Afroz (Walk-in & Family


​Dr. Faryal Ashraf (Walk-in &

Family Physician)

​Dr. ASM Noorullah Tarun (Walk-in)

Tel: (416) 261 4446

Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-In

3891 Don Mills Road, Toronto

​Dr. Aram Zakkerzadeh (Walk-in & Family


Tel: (647) 532 7572

DanDan Family Practice & Walk-In

3400 Danforth Avenue, Toronto

​Dr. ASM Noorullah Tarun (Walk-in)

Tel: (416) 693 3030

CHN is Seeking:

  • Family physicians

    • New family physicians who want join in a well established network of nine medical clinics

    • Family physicians who want to relocate their practice  into a well established network of nine medical clinics

    • Part time and full time general practitioners who want to do extra walk-in shifts in a busy clinic

  • Specialist

    • Pediatrician​

    • General Surgeon

    • OBGYN - preferably female

    • Psychiatrist

  • Physician assistant - certified CCPA

  • IMG's as Physician Assistants

  • MOAs/Receptionist

CHN's family physicians work in an established FHG (Family Health Group)

CHN uses cloud based OSCAR EMR supported by Kai Innovation/Well EMR 

For additional information and to apply please contact us at:


  • Family Physicians

    • Independant​

    • Supervised (We provide supervision for restricted Licence by CPSO & help with LMIA process

  • Specialists

    • Pediatrician

    • General Surgeon

    • Psychiatrist

    • Others

  • Physician Assistants-CCPA
  • IMGs 
  • MOAs (Medical Office Admin.)

Please contact:

Human Resource at


We are very happy to welcome

Dr. Kamrun Naher Khan MD, CCFP

Family Physician, to our Team

We are also running 

TeleMedicine Clinics

CHN Virtual (Online) Doctors are available after-hours at our following locations: 


TeleMedicine clinics :

Dawes Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166901042)

Cliffwood Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (6475327572)

Beaches Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4166980999)

Victoria Family Practice & Walk-in

Call for Walk-in (4167215387)

We are expanding to other places soon